Using Axure I created a high fidelity prototype of a task management tool based off of a previous wireframe prototype.  The task management tool focuses on helping college students keep track of their school work and personal life. The tool allows for to do lists to be created, articles and information to be saved, and groups to be formed with assigned tasks.

Intended Users

The tool is centered upon college students, because college students live busy and hectic lives, which can make it difficult to keep track of important tasks, like assignments and job application deadlines.

The Process


I had the opportunity to create wireframes of my task management tool and receive feedback on the usability, ease, and design of the tool.  My peer pointed out that my set up for adding a task seemed rather tedious and lengthy, which could result in users spending more time focused on adding a task then actually completing the task itself.  Additionally, the peer mentioned that the “Saved” section of the wireframes was rather ambiguous and they were unsure of where the section would fit in the overall, holistic view of the task management tool.  For the high fidelity mockups, I was able to iterate on my design, based on the feedback I received.

I shortened the process of adding a task by removing several features and making other features optional, rather than required. For example, now users can simply write in what they want to accomplish when they add a standard task rather than having the application prompt users on when the task needs to be accomplished by, if they want to add any notifications, and if the task is assigned to a certain section or subsection.  By making it easier to users to add tasks, users will be able to quickly and easily write out a task they want to accomplish without taking to time to assign the task certain features.

In addition, I completely removed the “Saved” section of the prototype.  I contemplated the significance and necessity of having an area where information and articles could be saved within a task management tool and ended up removing the section, because I wanted to tool be focused more on the task features of the tool and keeping track of tasks and dates that are approaching.  

View my high fidelity mockups


My high fidelity mockup was critiqued by several peers within my classroom environment.  Unfortunately, on the day we performed the critique the internet was not properly working and I was unable to display the full interactive functionality of my prototype.  I was, however, able to show them my screens and receive feedback from them on the design of my screens.  My peers were confused about the small icons I implemented within the various task sections, particularly within the “Group” section.  They were confused about what the bell icon represented and what the person icon on the Group tasks represented.  Based on this feedback, I was able to add small pictures in place of the person iconography that was previously displayed within the prototype  I hope that having pictures of real people helps to communicate the fact that certain tasks can be assigned to a specific person within the “Group” section.  Additionally, my peers were confused about the drag ability of the management tool and what would happen on the interface is the post it sections were dragged.



I really liked how easy it was for me to add color and edit my wireframes within Axure.  I know they don’t look as polished as they would have looked if I had used an Adobe product, but I appreciated the fact that Axure would let me polish my wireframes, while keeping the interactions I had already created.

Learned Lessons

One of the functionalities that I wanted to display on my high fidelity mockup was the drag ability of each post it section. However, after watching many YouTube videos and experimenting in Axure I never quite accomplished the interaction goal that I had set.  The interactions that I created from following tutorials did not perform the exact functionality that I was envisioning, which resulted in me not adding any interaction to the post it task sections of the tool.  I would like to continue experimenting within Axure and trying to fine tune the high fidelity mockup, so that it behaves exactly as I was envisioning.