Hi! I'm Lydia

I believe in putting people first by creating designs based on understanding people through true ethnographic research and immersion. By design for and with people, experiences can be created that empower people and exceed their expectations.

I’ve had the opportunity to put these beliefs into practice throughout my academic and professional career. Upon completing my undergraduate degree in Human Centered Design & Engineering, with a concentration in human-computer interaction and a minor in Education, Learning, & Society, I decided that I wanted to expand my design and engineering knowledge to encompass additional concentrations. Thus, I started my current adventure at Northwestern University, where I’m working towards earning my master’s degree in Engineering Design Innovation (EDI).  At Northwestern I’m able to continue to build upon my human centered foundation, while utilizing my compassionate and empathetic nature to create thoughtful and intentional designs. When I’m not experimenting with tools in the shop you can find me splashing my toes in the nearest body of water or reading through my ever-growing book list.